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Tom Hanway began playing the 5-string banjo in 1985, studying with Tony Trischka and Bill Keith. After a few years playing guitar and banjo in roadhouse bands, he established himself as one of New York City’s most solid and creative players and composers. Tom has three recordings on his Joyous Gard Records label. His debut CD Bucket of Bees (1991), includes traditional bluegrass, newgrass, Celtic, and jazz excursions, demonstrating Tom’s ability to play "in context," whether it’s hard-driving instrumentals or experimental banjo from the future. He is a published author (Mel Bay), and his areas of expertise include bluegrass, country, country blues, gospel, Irish and Celtic tunes, and traditional jazz. Tom, a.k.a. Badbelly, is also a gifted singer and country blues guitarist. He has crisscrossed the United States, toured in England, Scotland, Wales and Australia, and now lives and performs in Ireland.

In 1998, Tom and Kathleen Hanway founded the Big Apple Bluegrass & Folk Festival, devoted to the music of Bill Monroe, "The Father of Bluegrass." In New York City, Tom hosted weekly sessions at Rebar, Dempsey’s Pub, The Village Pub (Bainbridge), Paddy Reilly's Music Bar and The Baggot Inn. These latter two sessions are still thriving. Tom was a mainstay at Tony DeMarco's Thursday night session at Paddy Reilly’s, the longest running session in town.

Tom Hanway jamming on stage with Bill Monroe
Tom Hanway jamming with Bill Monroe
Zanesville, Ohio - 1989
(photo: George Quinn)

Celtic knotwork shamrockTom Hanway's Adventures in IrelandCeltic knotwork shamrock

Tom Hanway with banjo
Tom Hanway with Original
SwallowTail Deluxe (No. 4737)
(photo: James Stiles)

Tom Hanway joined forces with Geoff Stelling in 1997 to co-design the Tom Hanway SwallowTail, named for the jig, reel, and the 1832 book, Swallow Barn, and it has become one of Stelling’s most popular models. It is a versatile crossover instrument, being used in bluegrass and Celtic music. The neck and resonator are made of curly maple and stained with a sunburst Cremona style finish. The SwallowTail Deluxe model features bead-blasted and artistically engraved metal parts, and, as one of the top-of-the-line Stellings, it is available with custom plating upon request. Tom‘s original has a cylindrically radiused neck and bridge to facilitate single-string playing. Every SwallowTail features an inlaid abalone and mother-of-pearl swallow in the center of the resonator that matches the swallow on the peghead. The swallow, oak leaf, acorn and closed-knot inlays are drawn from traditional Celtic motifs.

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