More pictures of Tom!

Professor Louie and Tom Hanway
Professor Louie, Tom Hanway (playing Nechville Meteor® electric banjo) and Larry Packer, at the Bottom Line

Tom Hanway at home
Tom Hanway at home in Longford, Ireland
(photo: Devon Pulling)

Tom and Iain
Iain MacLachlan and Tom Hanway, at the Tally Ho, Longford, Ireland
(photo: Christine MacLachlan)

Tom Hanway and Big Tom McBride
Backstage with Tom Hanway and "Big Tom" McBride at the Rhu Glenn
(Photo: Denise Hanway)

Ottley, Dillon, and Hanway
Ivor Ottley, Ruth Dillon and Tom Hanway, Eamon Farrell's Longford 2006
(photo: Denise Hanway)

Grennan, Hanway, and Gambetta
Gerry Grennan, Tom Hanway and Beppe Gambetta
(photo: Denise Hanway)
Butch and Tom
Butch Robins and Tom Hanway pickin' "Cumberland Gap" on the SwallowTail, Bluegrass on the Walls, Derry, Northern Ireland, 5 August 2005.
(photo: Denise Hanway)

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