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Big Apple Bluegrass

The Big Apple Bluegrass & Folk Festival was an annual roots music festival, held the second weekend every November in Greenwich Village, NYC, respectfully dedicated to the life and memory of Bill Monroe (1911-1996), "The Father of Bluegrass."

Art imitates nature; like nature, musical art is an adaptive living tradition, encompassing continuity and change, past and future, conservation and innovation.

New Yorker Tom "Banjo" Hanway with the original Tom Hanway SwallowTail Deluxe Banjo (1998), made by Stelling Banjo Works, Ltd., Afton, Virginia (No. 4737)

Tom Hanway

Tom Hanway's Adventures in Ireland
More pictures of Tom

Tom Hanway

Founder of the Big Apple Bluegrass & Folk Festival

Big Apple Bluegrass Festivals Past


The Big Apple Bluegrass Society (BABS)
presents two weekly bluegrass sessions in NYC:

Bluegrass Country
Sundays ~ 4pm till 7pm
Paddy Reilly's Music Bar,
519 2nd Avenue at 29th Street, Manhattan

Good Times Jam Session
with host Sheriff Uncle Bob

Wednesdays ~ 9:00 pm till late
The Baggot Inn,
82 West Third Street, Manhattan

Irish Session at The Baggot Inn (2002)
Irish Session at The Baggot Inn (2002)
Harmonica Bob Meehan, Tom Hanway, Tony DeLello
(photo by Denise Conroy)

Look for the new album
"Big Apple Bluegrass"
by the Greenbriar Boys, available on Vanguard Records.

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Stelling Banjo Works


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